How to Prepare your Mandurah Homes for Summer

How to Prepare your Mandurah Homes for Summer
January 4, 2019 Great Living Homes
Mandurah Homes

The warmer weather is finally here and with the warmth comes the perfect opportunity to celebrate at home with family and friends enjoying the long summer days. To make sure that you get the most out of your Mandurah Home this summer, we have some tips to share.

  1. De-clutter: Start with a clean home and head space by decluttering each room of the house. Get rid of anything you don’t use by giving it to charity, friends and family, or throwing out broken and unusable items. Pack away winter specific items as well, such as blankets and heaters, in vacuum sealed bags or boxes and stow away in the shed.

It is also the perfect time to declutter your shed and storage space. If you are finding space is a little limited, talk to your local Mandurah Home Builder today about renovating your existing home and adding some much-needed space.

  1. Spring clean: Once you have de-cluttered your home, the next step is to do a thorough spring clean to freshen up your space and ensure it’s ready for your guests and summer BBQs. This can include:
  • Washing your walls and windows.
  • Thoroughly cleaning carpets, rugs and floors.
  • Cleaning out cupboards and throwing away expired food.
  • Removing mould, dust and cobwebs.
  • Defrosting your freezer (and creating space for your favourite ice cream).
  1. Make sure your summer appliances are in working order: Whilst performing your spring clean, it’s also a good idea to ensure your most used appliances during the summer months are in working order, such as:
  • Air conditioners and fans – Perth summers pack a lot of heat, so it’s important you have good ventilation to cool your home. Double check the settings work on your fan or air conditioner units, and the blades/vents are clean to ensure you don’t circulate dust and allergens around the room.
  • BBQ – an essential part of any summer dinner party is the Aussie BBQ. Now is a good time to deep clean your hotplates, check the gas and ensure the all the fittings are safely working. If your BBQ is exposed to the elements or located in an area that gets a high amount of salt spray, you may find that you will need to give the stainless-steel elements of your BBQ a deeper clean to remove rust spots. This is a common item that is brought up during maintenance with many Home Builders in Mandurah as we are a costal city.
  • Pool and spa – if you’re lucky enough to have your own private oasis in your backyard, be sure to get your pool and/or spa ready for use during the hotter months. Get out the pool cleaner, check the jets and ensure your safety gate/fences are in tip top condition.
  1. Prepare your outdoor area: Does your entertaining area need a bit of a spruce up? It’s a safe bet you will be spending many nights and lazy days during December through to March outside on the deck or under the pergola. In this case, don’t forget your outdoor area in your spring clean. Small but effective measures can be taken to ensure you backyard is summer ready, including:
  • Mowing the lawn, cutting back hedges and trees, and removing any weeds.
  • Hosing down pavement and/or oiling the deck.
  • Cleaning your outdoor furniture to remove any dust and cobwebs.
  • Fixing shade sails, purchasing an umbrella or replacing missing roof panels in your outdoor area to ensure you have appropriate shade from the harsh summer sun.
  • Adding greenery is an instant way to make everything look fresh. There are endless options, from hanging ceiling pots to installing a vertical garden (if you have a generous budget). It can also be as simple as upgrading your pots to some funky baskets for your outdoor area.
  • Some well-placed accessories such as outdoor cushions on a bench seat can also really liven an area for summer. Bright fairy lights will also bring out those summer vibes and set the atmosphere.
  1. Decorate for summer: Summer is all about enjoying the warm weather and spending time with family and friends. Why not consider switching out some of your darker or neutral tones for some vibrant colours or patterns? This could be as simple as switching out some weatherproof cushions, or even using some more colourful table top items on your outdoor table.Swap out heavy linens for lighter, cotton blends in the bedroom, and replace your fluffy blankets for a light throw in your living room. You can even introduce some greenery to your kitchen and living areas.