Innovative House Lifting Technology

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With our innovative House-Lifting technology, you can save massive money !

Why demolish?  when you can Lift it, shift it, and build under it.  Yes… You can extend it by adding a ground floor, saving upto $100,000!

This means we can LIFT your house and transform it into something new…  or We can shift it on your lot allowing you to subdivide your land!

Up to 30% Faster

  • Lifted In Only 1 Day
  • No Waiting For Scaffolding adjustments
  • More Onsite Space For Trades poeple & Materials
  • Only 8 trade visits instead of 31 = faster less complex

Get into your new double storey home in less than 8 months.

Up to 25% Cheaper

  • No Scaffolding Costs
  • No Hoists or Cranes Costs…
  • No Working At Heights Costs…
  • Less Interest & Rent To Pay…

Spend the money where it really matters; a new car, a pool or simply paying off your mortgage faster

Higher Quality

  • Roofing & Guttering Completed At Ground Level
  • External Rendering & More Done At Ground
  • Less trade visits = Less complexity & easier construction
  • Time & Cost Savings Can Be Spent On Options

Our builders design & build the home you deserve to a higher standard due to not having to work at heights and less complexity.

home builders perth


home builders perth


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modern two storey house under construction


Retain the value of your existing home, Lift it, Shift it, Build under it!

1. The Upper Floor Is Constructed At Ground Level

  • Building the upper floor at ground level eliminates the need for working at heights.
  • Without scaffolding, cranes or hoists, the upper floor can be built faster and cheaper, together with greater safety and enables a better build quality.
  • We can even fit out many of the services and complete guttering and external finishes before lifting

2. The Upper Floor Is Lifted Into Place & Supported

  • Using the J-Jacks, in just one day, the (externally completed) Upper Floor is lifted into place and supported.
  • The structural integrity which is engineered into the Upper Floor to enable lifting means for a highly resilient build quality with excellent rigidity.
  • Again, this produces time, cost and quality benefits compared with traditional methods.

3. The Ground Floor Is Built

  • Once the upper floor has been supported, your builder can build your ground floor.
  • Our temporary braces are rated to more than 140 kph winds and many tens of tonnes which means your builder can work safely in shade and out of the rain under the top floor.
  • Just like a normal single storey build, trades are able to work on both the bottom and top floor at the same time, further saving you money & time.

Added benefits:

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Very Fast and Cost Effective

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No need to empty your house out

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Retain the home you love while improving it

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CSIRO approved & tested in cyclone strength winds.

A 2 storey home for the price of a single storey

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Demolition of your home can cost approximately $20K

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For as little as another $10K, we can lift your home, ready to build a ground floor underneath.

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Retain the home you LOVE and enhance it without paying for a whole new house.

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