Am I Ready to Build a New Narrow Lot Home?

Am I Ready to Build a New Narrow Lot Home?
January 11, 2019 Great Living Homes
Reny Vs Buy

There’s nothing quite like building your own house. You’re not just buying a home, but, creating one. The place you spend most of your time, your home, becomes the ultimate expression of your personality, taste, and lifestyle needs.

You may be asking yourself some questions about whether you are ready to build a new home. Building opens opportunities to tailor the house to your exact needs. Below we will outline some key points that will determine if you are ready to build your new Narrow Lot Homes Perth.

  1. You Have Realistic Expectations.

Building your own home means getting exactly what you want if you have a realistic budget. The best owners are the ones that have realistic expectations and already know what type of home design, finishes and location they can afford.

  1. You Know What You Want

You have visited home after home, but nothing is meeting your expectations. It can be disheartening visiting dozens of homes and not finding the right fit. When building a new home instead of buying, you have control of everything including the Narrow Lot Home Design. There are a lot of Narrow Lot Home Designs in Perth so you will definitely be able to find something that can be tailored to suit your needs.

  1. You Hate Surprises

When buying an established home, regardless of the age, you don’t have a lot of guarantees. Finding out that a 20-year-old bathroom waterproofing has issues and there is mould occurring, or the roof structure has termites that the home inspector missed can be some seriously unwelcome surprises. Building your home means that you can see exactly what you are getting and that you are in control of your own maintenance period.

  1. You’ve Done the Math

You don’t need to have a perfect budget laid out for building but taking a page from your 11th grade notebook and running some numbers can be enlightening. When you realize that homeownership can be less expensive than renting, or that a new home can be built for the same price as a pre-owned home, the choice becomes a lot easier.

  1. You Love the Idea of a New Neighbourhood

If you want the perfect opportunity to choose the area that you like for its proximity to the beach, shops, schools than building is a great option. You can have both: the dream location and house.Moving into an established neighbourhood can also be a little daunting. By choosing a young or new neighbourhood from the start, you get to create your own sense of community with homeowners like yourself.

  1. You’ve got the time

While there’s never the perfect time to build a Narrow Lot Homes Perth, some moments are better than others. In the current market prices are as low as they are going to be making it the perfect time to build . Choosing to build doesn’t necessarily have to mean it’s going to take longer. It all depends on the Narrow Lot Homes Perth builder you choose. If the time feels right, go for it.